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Cloud File Storage vs. Cloud Backup

Is there a difference?

In a world where everything is saved, shared and stored to the “cloud” its easy to get lost if your data is safely stored or backed up.

File Storage

There are multiple file storage options available on-line these days, most common brands are Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.  All of them offer ease of use and push all your files to the cloud, from where they can be accessed anywhere at any time.

But what if you accidentally delete a files(s) on the main computer? That action will replicate almost imminently to the on-line file storage and you have essentially lost that file(s).

This is where a Backup solution comes into play.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup solutions not only sync your files in real time but also provide you with the option of selecting a date from which you can restore from.  Most backup solutions should let you backup the last 15 days if not more.  A good backup solution should offer:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly backups
  • Options to archive data
  • Encryption
  • Filters (exclude files that don’t need to be part of the backup)
  • PC and server backup
  • Options to backup data only within Canada, or within U.S. or both.
  • Easy setup and minimal input from the use

A good business will have a combination of both on-line file storage and a cloud backup as part of their Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).  With high speed internet available almost anywhere in North America your business can move to a temporary site or recover from a disaster much faster then ever before.

When you compare the cost of business downtime vs the cost of these backup solutions it becomes very clear that every business should have a DRP.

Is your business prepared?

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