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Top 3 New Features in Windows 10


Windows 10 release is around the corner and there are some great new features and functions that have been added to draw users back to Microsoft and help recover the damage that Windows 8 caused.

1) Back to the Start….

Windows 10 will bring back the much desired and much missed Start Menu at the bottom left corner.  This time around it will offer more then just apps and a control panel.  Early preview have shown widgets\live icos that can be customized into the Start menu.

2) Internet Explorer (IE) no more…

Well not exactly no more.  The browser that has been around since the popularity of the Internet will still exist within Windows 10 but only for use with legacy applications and sites.  With Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a newer faster, more secure browser called Spartan. Spartan is heavily integrated into everything you search and do on the web and with the assistance of Cortana (the new Windows 10 assistant) it will make the process more seamless.

3) Universal Apps…

There is a new App store model coming across all the Windows products and as the title suggests, its Universal.  If you install an application on your PC it should be available on your phone and tablet as well.  We are sure they will be some restrictions on this but the whole point is for the end user to work seamlessly no matter where he/she is located.




KartikTop 3 New Features in Windows 10