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What is the Cloud?

What is the Cloud?

Essentially “the cloud” is a collection of shared resources. Servers and networks that are combined together offer businesses a centralized location to store all their data and/or applications.  The Cloud has been around since the birth of the Internet.  Till recently only corporations were able to afford and justify the costs of having Cloud services but with the prices of high speed internet and disk space coming down year after year, almost any small /medium business can afford a Cloud service now.

Types of Clouds

Private Cloud – this has been around since the start of the Internet.  It provides companies that house their servers internally on their own network to share this resource across multiple offices and locations via the internet.

Public Cloud – in recent years this has seen a huge surge in popularity as cost of servers and network operations start to decline.  In Public Cloud companies share the same “space” as other  companies.  For example one server might host 2,4 or 10 different companies (multitenancy).  It all depends on the your needs and budget.

Hybrid Cloud – with internet connections getting faster and more reliable a Hybrid Cloud is quickly becoming the preferred options for most businesses.  It combines the benefits of having an onsite private cloud in conjunction with using a public cloud.  You get the speed and security of having a server within your office walls along with a piece of mind that your files are also available in the cloud if your office network was not accessible.

Cloud Services

Email – Gmail, Hotmail, Exchange..

Data – Dropbox, Box, Skydrive…

Applications (SaaS) – Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce…


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