Do you want your online business to be more successful on the Internet? 

Did you now that website content accounts for only 20% of your rankings? The remaining 80% is related to the density of your keywords, relevancy of your links, what sites you’re listed on, how long your domain name has been in existence, length of the domain name renewal terms, and much much more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for the success of your website.  Ideally your site should be listed in the top 10-20 listings on the most popular search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo. It has been proven that those in the top 20 will get the most clicks, and users typically do not go beyond page 2 of a search.

Our SEO strategy involves analyzing your competitor’s website, re-write your meta tags and text, re-submit your site to Google, and providing you with the before and after analysis of your site’s ranking after Google re-indexes your website. Your site’s performance will be monitored for 3 months, and keywords adjusted as necessary.

What will SEO cost? 

$500 – keyword research for your type of business, payable at the start of the project.
$300 – home page – keyword optimization, appropriate meta tag creation
$55 – each additional page – adding keywords and meta tags to individual pages
$0 – monthly/ongoing cost.

$300 and $55 x #pages are payable at the end of the project, when desired objectives are accomplished.

KartikSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)